Penetration Testing

What Is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is an authorized, simulated attack designed to assess your security before an attacker does. By exploiting security vulnerabilities, penetration testing helps you determine how to mitigate best and protect your vital business data from future cybersecurity attacks.

Penetration Testing is conducted to confirm the valid attack vectors of your organization. This process goes beyond merely identifying and validating vulnerabilities to full manual exploitation, mirroring a real-world attack. Our engineers will gain initial access, attempt to elevate privileges, execute lateral movements, and use the access to perform post-exploitation activities. We then compile findings into a cybersecurity assessment report complete with recommendations you can put into place to mitigate damage.

How are the Penetration Test perfomed

Our Testing methodology consit of Seven key stages that must be completed

This pre-phase begins with the client defining what they want to be tested and by what methods—we then build the Scope of Work and deliverables.
Before any action can be taken by a penetration testing team, suitable information gathering must be completed on the prospective target. This period is vital to establishing an attack plan and serves as the staging ground for the entirety of the engagement.
Following the reconnaissance stage, a collection of scans are performed on the target to decipher how their security systems will counter multiple breach attempts. The discovery of vulnerabilities, open ports, and other areas of weakness within a network’s infrastructure can dictate how pen testers will continue with the planned attack.
Now that access has been obtained, testers attempt to imitate the scope of the potential damage that could be generated from a malicious attack.
The goal is to achieve a state of constant presence within the target environment. As time progresses, more data is collected throughout the exploited system which allows the testers to mimic advanced persistent threats.
A comprehensive report with an in-depth analysis of the entire engagement will be shared with the target to highlight key vulnerabilities, gaps, the potential impact of a breach, and a variety of other essential security program components.
After a pen-test, we present our findings, and as part of the deliverables, we provide mitigation recommendations. After the client has resolved the findings, we re-test the items they fixed and verify the vulnerability no longer exists.

Penetration re-testing

We offer assistance in resolving the findings and re-testing to allow you to mitigate the findings successfully.