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Secure your business

Every business faces its own set of challenges, from rules and regulations to highly sophisticated data security threats. And regardless of company size, one-on-one counsel from a dedicated cyber security engineer is often essential to keep pace.

But with our Cyber Security Consulting, we offer a no-compromise solution that eliminates new hire commitments while delivering the executive-level counsel needed to succeed. Gain a level of service previously only afforded by larger enterprises. We’ll work alongside management to best align security policies and practices with business objectives to advance your operational goals.

Strategy and Advisory Services

Every business reaches a point that necessitates the level of insight unattainable through in-house staff. We help you better compete, innovate, and grow by augmenting your existing expertise with the right blend of business and cybersecurity counsel. Define your direction and priorities while appropriately allocating resources to grow and advance your business.

Our core principals are simple. We aim to:

Information Security Services

Cyber Security Consulting

Let our Cyber Security Consulting back your organization with years of experience working on IT Security projects.
Tap into that expertise on demand to support your projects or as you implement technical controls.

ISMS Deployment

An ISMS is a system of processes, documents, technology and people that helps organisations manage, monitor and improve their information security in one place.
Before you can implement a ISMS, you must first define it.
Let us help you build your ISMS program

Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing team can identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities before an intruder has the opportunity to infiltrate your network or computer system. We’ll uncover weaknesses on your network or within applications and can work with you to remediate and reduce risk. Learn More

Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting works from inside your network looking for lateral movement, persistence, credential access,
and other indicators of compromise.
Let us Test your visibility into the top hacking techniques.

Need a hand with your security program? Let our cyber security experts help.

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